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Consulting and courseware development services offered are concerned with the potential role of the spreadsheet & other software as environments within which to learn mathematics and science, and originates within the constructivist perspective of learning, as originally promoted by the Swiss cognitive developmental psychologist Jean Piaget.

Piaget believed that when students are taught something, they are robbed forever of the opportunity to discover or invent it for themselves.

The constructivist / constructionist perspective was pioneered by South African born American mathematician, computer scientist and educationalist, Seymour Papert of MIT. Papert became famous for his ideas on children’s maths & computer learning. Papert (a former student of Piaget) formed an augmented perspective that he termed ‘constructionism’, in which creative & inventive activity of the part of the student results in the construction of a ‘product’ that might range from a physical object through to an abstract mathematical formula or computer program. He also laid emphasis upon social-interaction between students in achieving such a goal.

Papert believed that teachers should create an environment which will encourage students to spontaneously invent and create.

Papert held that teachers should merely set the stage for invention, rather than spoon-feeding students pre-prepared nuggets of knowledge! He believed that knowledge acquired personally through dynamic and interactive activity would be held with greater affection, and thereby remembered more easily.


Courseware development services are designed for teachers and schools who are looking for ways to better engage with their students. They reflect the general continuing dissatisfaction with the teacher-led model. Typical courseware provision includes:

* Teacher CPD preparatory material detailing relevant cognitive paradigms, with references for further reading.

* Provision of software learning domains to provide for autonomous student activity of discovery and invention, utilizing Excel / Libre preformatted 'student' files.

* Teacher 'lesson plans' detailing the teacher's role in supporting the learning session, including goals and anticipated outcomes.

* Details of required essential 'prior learning' conceptual understanding and scaffolding, to ensure that students operate within their personal ZPD, and are likely to discover or invent one or more of the session goals.

* Assessment mechanisms to ensure that the learning session 'teacher' is able to receive perspicacious feedback from students and so determine individual attainment.

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Tel: 01323 873049
Email: g.haslip@softcalc.co.uk


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EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING: Expertise is available to primary & secondary schools and EdTech software companies in the development of student-centred pedagogical strategies designed to enthuse, engage and excite students through interactive autonomous student led-activity.

Provision is offered also for the development of courseware for student-centred autonomous learning, utilizing a constructivist / constructionist pedagogical paradigm (see below).