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Formulas & Macros: Through the correct balance of often complex formulas and Visual Basic Programming (macros), to offer intuitive interfaces controlling the analysis, reporting and representation of complex data models. Pride is taken in designing elegant and proficient spreadsheet models!

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Excel Development
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EXCEL DEVELOPMENT: Extensive experience is on offer for the development of spreadsheet systems in MS Excel, utilizing the best mix of math modelling together with Visual Basic programming (macros) for automation and user interfaces. Such systems often utilize a range of nested spreadsheet =functions(), Pivot Tables, Charts & custom bespoke functions written in VBA.

Skype Video Screen-Sharing! Using Internet Skype & TeamViewer video screen sharing, we can share, work-upon and discuss the same spreadsheet as if we were together in your office! All you need is an online computer / laptop and Skype / TeamViewer.

Same Day Quotation! For a same day quotation, follow these simple steps that will ensure the development delivers your need, whilst keeping the cost of your system to a minimum:

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