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EXCEL DEVELOPMENT: I offer over 25 years experience of developing spreadsheet systems in MS Excel, utilizing the best mix of math modelling together with Visual Basic programming (macros) for automation. Such systems often include custom =functions, bespoke Add-Ins, Pivot Tables and KPI dashboards.

Formulas & Macros: Through the correct balance of often complex formulas and Visual Basic Programming (macros), I am able to offer intuitive interfaces controlling the analysis, reporting and representation of complex data models. I take pride in designing elegant spreadsheet models!

Video Screen-Sharing across any Distance! Using internet video screen-sharing, we can view, work-upon and discuss the same spreadsheet as if we were together in your office! All you need is an online computer / laptop and Skype.

Please call to discuss your spreadsheet needs

Regards, Graham Haslip, MA(Ed), BEd:
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